Day Tour – Anuradhapura

Meet entourage at your hotel/Airport in Colombo and be whisked off to delve into the heart of Sri Lanka’s ancient culture in Anuradhapura. We recommend setting out by 6 in the morning to make the most of the days activities.

Warm air and dusty paths mingling with the hushed aura of an ancient civilization beckons you towards a kingdom lost in the ages. Prepare yourself for a peek into stunning vistas at the Brazen Palace and the perfectly designed stupas at Ruwanwelisaya and Jetawana. The Brazen Palace, once famous for its bronze roofing is now no more than a maze of standing pillars; simply a shadow of the city’s former glory. The museum, Moonstone and the Sri Maha Bodhi are a few other top tourist hits we’ll be checking out here. The beautiful archaeological museum is well worth your time, with its impressive collection of historical carvings and intricate artwork. The Sri Maha Bodhi, an iconic symbol of Sri Lanka’s strong Buddhist roots is also considered to be among the holiest and most important of all the city’s sights.

Anuradhapura is a patchwork of breath-taking architectural phenomena with its milky white dagabas gleaming in the sun, crumbling parapets and ruins around every corner,

After the days tour is done, we’ll be escorting you safely back to your selected hotel/Airport. Our package covers all entry fees payable at the mentioned destinations, service charges and includes a super comfy air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.