Meet entourage at your hotel/Airport in Colombo and be driven off to the ocean-kissed southern town of Galle. Make a stop by the super-fragrant Herbal and Spice Gardens.

Herbal and Spice Gardens

Here you can check out the fabulously famous Sri Lankan spices at their home. With the demand for Sri Lankan spices only increasing over the centuries, these goodies will continue to be a popular export for a long while yet.

Then it’s time to visit a Turtle Hatchery, located quite close to the peaceful shores of Bentota.

Turtle Hatchery

This destination offers an interesting insight into all things turtle. The hatchery goes to great lengths to conserve sea turtle life, even going so far as to pay local fishermen for stray eggs found on the beaches. The retrieved eggs are then buried in the sand and the new hatchlings are then carefully released into the sea.

Next up, we’ll be making a stop to float away on yet another magical ride. A gentle cruise down the serene waters of Madu await your pleasure.

Boat Safari at Madu

A peaceful ride to lull your senses, Madu is a beautiful river buzzing with a million different life forms. Thick mangrove forests crowd the riverbanks on either side while clouds of colorful butterflies buzz overhead. With an ecosystem teeming with abundant life, keep your camera ready for monitor lizards, monkeys and bird species of every kind. The tour down the river takes you past an Old Buddhist Monastery. Other highlights of this tour include the sights of the Cinnamon cultivation fields and locals working away at their fishing nets.

Hikkaduwa Corals

Our next stop is at the pristine golden sands at Hikkaduwa. The beach is home to a fantastic coral kingdom pulsing with life and color. Take your time to absorb the beauty of this underwater paradise before a well-deserved lunch.


Finally, Galle; where the wind sings a timeless melody among olden Dutch-colonial buildings. From the picturesque Galle Fort to the Old Gate and collection of charming Dutch Churches, Galle is a map of irresistible attractions from one end to the other.

Galle Fort

Ravishing in its splendor, this ancient Portuguese structure was renovated by later Dutch settlers and serves today as a major attraction in the area. This construction remains among the best preserved buildings in Asia and is a definite tourist mecca for all who enter the colonial city.

Next, we’ll be off to explore the old lighthouse at Galle and tour around the other colonial buildings here.

Then it’s time to top off the tour with a pause by the lovely coastline to admire the sights of stilt fishermen appear against a glorious backdrop. Stilt fishing is an art unique to Sri Lanka and an ideal that has been passed down for countless generations. Traditional, iconic, distinctive; these beaches are a destination with a difference.

After the days tour is done, we’ll be escorting you safely back to your selected hotel/Airport. Our package covers all entry fees payable at the mentioned destinations, service charges and includes a super comfy air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.