Day Tour – Kitulgala

Meet entourage at your hotel/Airport in Colombo and be whisked off to Kitulgala, where adventure rides are redefined.

Kitulgala is a beautifully preserved portion of rainforest famous for its diverse wildlife. Intriguing as the wildlife is, Kitulglala is even better known for being the islands top ranking base for water rafting. The ultimate challenge for thrill-seekers, the white water rafting here offers you 5 km of pure adrenaline spiked pleasure as you pass through nine unbelievable rapids. Don’t forget your safety gear! Help is always available at hand and the highly trained instructors will stick around to steer you right. For kids who want in on the fun, flat water rafting trips can be arranged on the Kitulgala river branches.

If a hackle-raising joy ride is not your idea of fun, you can always sit back and enjoy the stunning vistas and wildlife. There are always tours into the jungle to explore majestic waterfalls and gentle rivers. There are waterfall jumping, swimming and even bird watching expeditions to try out here. You can also opt to go mountain biking in the forest or on the nearby roads. If that doesn’t sound interesting enough, you can tiptoe around the Belilena cave. This large prehistoric cave is home to a 12,000 year old skeleton so feel free to soak up the local history while you’re at it. A few nuggets of history later, you can also visit the filming venue of the famous World War 2 movie, ‘’Bridge on the River Kwai’’

We encourage you to try the infamous Sri Lankan ‘’curd and honey’’ combo while you’re here, right after a palatable rice and curry meal. Want to spend a night out here? There are plenty of cozy eco lodges near the river bank you can stay at without breaking the bank.

After the days tour is done, we’ll be escorting you safely back to your selected eco lodge/hotel/Airport. Our package covers all entry fees payable at the mentioned destinations, service charges and includes a super comfy air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.