Day Tour – Udawalawe

Meet entourage at your hotel/Airport in Colombo and be escorted to the breath-taking undisturbed wildlife at Udawalawe.

A whopping four hour drive later, you can visit the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home, where you can watch cute baby elephants being bottle fed. After lunch, it’s time to venture into the unknown.

Prepare to spend the rest of the day safariing amidst fields of blue-green grass and terrains of raw wilderness stretching in every direction. Welcome to beautiful Udawalawe, where the wild elephants lord over grassy fields and sambar deer dance away the golden hours. The park is also the right place to get your fill of lazy full-sized crocs, buffaloes and even the occasional leopard.

The Udawalawe National Park is the perfect place to absorb the beauty of elephant herds taking a splash in the waters. Watch out for the monitor lizards and other crawling reptiles around the waterholes and even score a chance to spot elusive leopards leaping into action. With an unbelievable diversity of rare wildlife centered here, this park is one of the most treasured eco-tourism destinations in the country.

The safari trip takes just around four hours and is the only way to get close to the wildlife here. Keep an eye out for the wily chattering monkeys on the treetops and have your cameras ready for rare bird species that call the reserve home.

After the days tour is done, we’ll be escorting you safely back to your selected hotel/Airport. Our package covers all entry fees payable at the mentioned destinations, service charges and includes a super comfy air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.