Meet entourage at your hotel/Airport in Colombo and be whisked off to Wilpattu, where the call of the wild awaits the adventurous spirit.

Wilpattu is where lush jungles and sprawling seas of woodland play home to countless exotic wildlife species. Past the mesmerizing scenes of large predators and graceful long-legged deer, countless myths and legends prevail about the park’s fascinating history. The park territory contains several treasured cultural sites linked to the first Sri Lankan Kings. Aside from its historical sites, what sets this park aside from others is the existence of natural sand-floored water basins. These pools are fed by rainwater and quench the thirst of the parks countless animal and bird species.

Prepare to be watch gargantuan elephants frolicking in the great outdoors while the gentle spotted deer graze in open stretches of dry greenery. Keep your camera at the ready for the quick-footed leopard and even the lazy buffalo. Crocodiles and monitor lizards frequent the water holes here while turtles and cobras are also common sights. Other wildlife species you’ll see here are sambar deer, the Sri Lankan sloth bear and mongoose.

But what really keeps the visitors rolling here is the exquisite variety of birdlife here. Aside from the iconic Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, the painted stork and eagles, countless colorful bird species rule the vast green canopies of this uniquely pretty park. Wilpattu is every bird lovers wildest dream, so don’t forget your binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for the perfect photo snap.

After the days tour is done, we’ll be escorting you safely back to your selected hotel/Airport. Our package covers all entry fees payable at the mentioned destinations, service charges and includes a super comfy air-conditioned private tourist vehicle.