Itinerary 3 – 09 Nights 10 Days

Day 01

The tour begins with a trip to the little coastal fishing town of Negombo. Blessed with safe seas and dotted with curious attractions, this is a sunny little tour hub with a definite charm of its own. A miniature metropolis sitting on the island’s western shores, this is the perfect spot for a plate of exquisite sea food or an equally delightful insight into colonial Dutch architecture. Top attractions in Negombo include the bustling fish market, the historical Dutch fort, the lagoon and the unending golden stretches of fine beachfront.

Day 02

After a night in Negombo, it’s time to set off to the quiet town of Sigiriya for a glimpse into the island’s history. On the way, there will be a stop by the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where you can bottle feed and cuddle with adorable baby elephants. After spending time at Pinnawala, it’s time to get back on the road to SIgiriya. A relic of a once-glorious kingdom shrouded in mystery, Sigiriya is today a celebrated destination of grandeur and architectural wonder. A dramatic sight against the golden evening skies, this colossal fortress weaves a tale of tragedy and love culminating in one epic battle.

Day 03

The third day of touring kicks off with a trip to the revered Dambulla cave temples. A golden monument standing atop a cultural hotspot, the main temple here features a number of stunning paintings and Buddha statues. Dating back to the era of the ancient Sri Lankan kings, this network of intricately designed caves is a masterpiece of sculpturing and designing. The cave complex shows off five different caves, each featuring various redolent religious creations and drawings. Feel free to wander in this cool enigmatic labyrinth and soak up the island’s historical aura before treating yourself to the fabulous views of the evergreen country below.

Next, it’s off to the Matale spice gardens we go for a whiff of the infamous and exotic Ceylon spices. Indulge yourself in the fragrance of a thousand tropical spices at Sri Lanka’s most luxurious spice garden. Reared with the utmost care and harvested with the same cherishing spirit, the quality of these uber-perfect spices have yet to be matched by rivals in the global market. After being done at Matale, it’s time to move onto the cool and colorful mountain scenery at Kandy. The evening will be spent on enjoying a cultural show featuring traditional Sri Lankan dances and events. As the eventful day comes to a close, it’s time to doze off in a your own comfortable corner of the beautiful city,

Day 04

A fourth day of touring the island welcomes you to an adventure in Kandy’s picturesque cobbled streets. Shimmering in the gently swirling morning mists that brush the hilltops in a spectrum of vivid colors, Kandy is a truly appealing sight to behold. Ringed by a nimbus of mellow forest growth and blessed with stunning hilltop vistas, this is a city enjoying the cool fresh breeze of an untainted hill country. Take your time to walk beside the slow lapping lake sitting in the city center or stroll among the city’s buzzing market places to find local delicacies and excellent trade deals. The city tour will be followed by a visit to the sacred Temple of the Tooth. A proud centerpiece of the city’s skyline, the Temple of the Tooth is Kandy’s big unmissable tour stop with its gold gilded roofs and intriguing interiors that play home to the tooth relic of the Buddha.

The rest of the day will be spent at the beautiful Botanical Gardens nearby where you can free your spirit amidst the lush beauty of countless exotic flowers and plants. A colorful feast of fluttering butterflies and fragrant flower blossoms, this is a destination of carefully reared elegant beauty. Take a stroll amidst these soft sweet-smelling beauties and aromatic herbs before moving back to Kandy for yet another overnight stay in the city.

Day 05

The fifth tour day begins with a drive to the romantic little hill town of Nuwara Eliya. Prepare for breath-taking views of lush green tea plantations and a visit to a classic tea factory on the way. Here you can enjoy a cup of the infamous Ceylon tea and take a peek into the process of preparing the most popular beverage in the world. Then it’s back on to the road we go to continue the journey to Nuwara Eliya.

A town of magical appeal with a touch of colonial beauty, Nuwara Eliya is undoubtedly one of the finest tour destinations in the country. Cool temperatures, youthful sceneries and the action of horse racing draws countless visitors to this pretty little town every year. Cascading waterfalls, eye-catching plantations and colorful flowery fields are but a scratch on the surface of the town’s alluring charm. A sprinkle of British constructions dating back to the colonial ages add an aura of English countryside to a town already thriving in a mesh of culture and tradition. Once the day is done, guests will be staying the night at Nuwara Eliya.

Day 06

At the break of the sixth day, adventure awaits the adventurer in the wild untamed reserves of the Horton Plains. Mist-ridden stretches of quiet grass and daring cloud forests beckon the valiant explorer into a world of exotic wildlife and top-notch hiking treks. An experience never to be missed, the Horton Plains promise close up views of sambar deer, rare bird species and if you’re lucky, shy leopards slinking after their prey. After finishing up the tour at Horton Plains, we’ll be off to take a picturesque train ride to the beautiful village of Ella.

A quiet mesmerizing world tucked in the folds of the rolling countryside, Ella is a captivating destination to soothe the soul and inspire the mind. Perhaps the most fascinating of all the island’s tour destinations, this peaceful village comes with the promise of quiet walks by heavenly waterfalls and ever-flowering meadows. Once the day is done, it’s time to drift off to sleep to the music of the wind on the hill tops.

Day 07

The seventh day of touring comes with a variety of cultural treats. The day begins with a trip to the Little Adam’s Peak. A travel destination revered for its religious history and stunning beauty, this tour stop offers a worthy hike leading to stunning panoramas and beautiful landscapes. Next we’ll be off to Buduruwagala, one of the island’s oldest Buddhist temples. Featuring intricate stone work and a collection of seven statues, this tour stop is an important destination linked to the roots of the island’s Buddhist history. Then it’s time to get going to Tissamaharama where you can float away to sleep after another day of adventure.

Day 08

The eighth tour day opens with a visit to the most exquisite wildlife experience on this side of the Pacific. Yala awaits, with its sprawling expanse of lush greenery and open fields stretching out into the great unknown. This is your ideal wildlife destination to see Asia’s most exotic animal species in their full element. Majestic elephants rove the dry fields in herds while sambar deer leap across the grasslands and monkeys chatter overhead. Keep your fingers crossed for the wily leopards and elusive wild boars that rule these forests. As the Yala safari ends, it’s time to treat yourself to some luxurious beach beauty. The rest of the day will be spent on traveling to the southern beach of your choice where you can while away your evening in perfect relaxation before turning in for the night.

Day 09 | Day 10

The ninth day of the tour is little more than a lazy, laid back beach holiday on the golden powdery sands of a southern beach. Simply pick your own favorite corner of the beach for some quality tan or indulge in whatever takes your fancy. The southern beaches are also notoriously famous for their excellent surf, stunning underwater life and great beach sports. When the day is done, you can settle for the night with the hum of the ocean breeze around you. On the final morning of the tour, as your journey with us comes to a close, you can decide on being escorted by our team to the airport or make other arrangements.