Itinerary 4 – 13 Nights 14 Days

Day 1 – Negombo, overnight stay in Negombo

Your first foray into the island of culture and tropical happiness begins in the small fishing town of Negombo. A fascinating little tour stop dotted with countless churches and a smattering of Dutch constructions, the place is a vibrant growing metropolis with sights to see and things to do. Top attractions here include the quiet slow-rippling Negombo lagoon, the historic Dutch fort, the buzzing fish market and the soft tempting sand dunes of golden beachfront. After a tour around the city it’s time to enjoy a gourmet dinner of fresh caught sea delicacies and a good night’s sleep.

Day 2 – Colombo, overnight stay in Negombo

The second day of travel takes you to the heart of the country’s action; bustling Colombo, with its classy boulevards and sky scrapers creating an iridescently beautiful skyline. A sprinkling of museums and colonial architecture lie throughout the capital while the beachfront buzzes with new luxurious hotel complexes and designer boutiques. A city rampant with shopping and entertainment opportunities, Colombo holds surprises and delicacies around every bend and twist. Once the day’s tour is done, it’s back to Negombo we go for the night.

Day 3 – Pinnawala – Sigiriya, overnight stay in Sigiriya

The third day kicks off with a road trip to the iconic architectural wonder of Sigiriya. On the way, there will be a stop at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where guests can stretch their legs and play about with cute little baby elephants. Here, guests can observe the daily elephant bathe at the nearby river and even bottle feed a few of the young ones. Then it’s time to continue on to Sigiriya. A fortress of mystery and grandeur, this is a rock-solid construction that dates back to the reign of the early Sri Lankan kings. Featuring stunning interiors and super-advanced engineering for its time, Sigiriya boasts a unique history of love and battle. Ascend into the embrace of this lion-faced palace to enjoy an unbelievable birds-eye view of the perfect green landscape below. Other highlights of the fortress include the vivid frescoes and the mirror wall. As the day comes to an end, it’s time to settle down for the night in the quiet reclusive village of Sigiriya.

Day 4 – Polonnaruwa – Minneriya, overnight stay in Sigiriya

The fourth day of the tour packs a punch with both a dose of historical nostalgia and a scoop of wildlife adventure. The day begins with a tour of the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa, where crumbling ruins and dusty paths weave a tale of forgotten grandeur and glory. Once a flourishing hub of trade and philosophy, the city is today mainly a draw for its ancient pillars, religious landmarks and intricate rock carvings. Once the Polonnaruwa tour is done, it’s off to beautiful Minneriya we go to explore the cavernous depths of South Asia’s finest wildlife realm. This is your ticket to see the wild as it is, with elephants frolicking in water pools and monkeys jabbering away on the tree tops. Swaying grasslands, stretches of lush sun-dappled forest canopy and some truly exotic species of wildlife await you here. Sambar deer, wild boars and buffalo herds frequent the water holes while elusive leopards stalk their vary prey through the stretches of dry grass. Once the safari is over, we will return to Sigiriya for another overnight stay in the quiet town.

Day 5 – Dambulla – Matale – Kandy, overnight stay in Kandy

Day five comes with a dose of culture in the gracefully sculpted cave temples at Dambulla. Featuring a gold-gilded temple and truly astonishing artistic creations, the Dambulla Cave Temples are more than a simple trek up a scenic mountain. The cave temples here contain a number of religious drawings and intricate carvings depicting moments from the islands kingly past. After touring Dambulla, it’s off to the Matale Spice Gardens we go for a whiff of the world’s finest spices. Exotic, fragrant and globally-beloved, these spices are valued for their exceptional quality and remain among the country’s top exports. After a walk through this heavenly aromatic garden, it’s time to move on to the beautiful mist-capped city of Kandy. Here guests can witness a fantastic cultural spectacle before turning in for the night.


Day 6 – Kandy – Peradeniya, overnight stay in Kandy

The sixth day of the tour brings an adventure in the beautiful city of color and culture. Soft silver mists create a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues that melt away in the morning sun to reveal a pristine hotspot of tradition and colonial beauty. Feel free to wander about the pretty cobbled streets and explore the trinkets in the tiny boutiques and delicacies in the market place. Guests can also visit the Temple of the Tooth, an infamous religious site where the tooth of the Buddha is enshrined. The rest of the day is dedicated to a stroll in the lovely Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya. Heavy with the scent of blooming flowers and the flutter of butterfly wings, these gardens feature an entrancing collection of exotic plant and flower varieties. Once the day is done, it’s back to Kandy we go for a restful night in the embrace of the cool mountain air.

Day 7 – Kitulgala – Adam’s Peak, overnight stay at Adam’s Peak

The seventh day of touring takes you to seventh heaven in the heart-thumping rafting fiesta at Kitulgala. A white water rafting experience unlike any other on the island, Kitulgala sports over five Km of adrenaline-packed adventure along with opportunities for rainforest expeditions and cycling. While in the area, guests can also take a look at the infamous bridge on the river Kwai which played host to a multiple Academy Award winning movie. As the day comes to a close, we’ll be off to spend the night in a quiet recluse over at the Adam’s Peak.

Day 8 – Adam’s Peak – Nuwara Eliya, overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

Day eight is your cue to rise before the sun for an early morning trek up the scenic Adam’s Peak. An easy hike promising heavenly views and poetic beauty on heights high enough to touch the skies, this is truly a place to set your heart and soul free. A serenely beautiful attraction with a deep religious note woven throughout its history, the Adam’s Peak also draws countless pilgrims over the year. Next, it’s off to Nuwara Eliya we go to spend the night in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s most alluring mountain town. A charming miniscule paradise set in the heart of the island’s mountain peaks, Nuwara Eliya has long since been beloved by travelers for its sheer beauty and holiday action. The town is famous for its horse races and captivating landscapes ringed with lush forests and the occasional waterfall. When the day is done, it’s time to settle down for the night at a blissfully pretty stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Day 9 – Horton Plains – Ella, overnight stay in Ella

The ninth day of the tour is a forage into the depths of the mysterious Horton Plains. A few steps into this quiet, well-forested wildlife reserve opens up an entirely new world of nature and beauty. This forest reserve is home to countless species of exotic wild creatures including wild boar, deer and also the rare leopard. Once the trip to Horton Plains is done, it’s time to move on take the super-scenic train ride to Ella. Possibly the most unearthly slice of heaven on this side of the globe, Ella is truly breathtaking with its sweeping spectacles and wealth of rare wildlife. As the night draws upon us, it’s time to bed down for a quiet night’s rest in this pretty little village.

Day 10 – Ella, overnight stay in Ella

Day ten of touring takes you high up in the mountains, right up to the peak of the captivating Ella rock. Aside from the enthusiastic trek up the scenic mountain, we will also cover a visit to the beautiful Rawana Falls. An unmissable destination in the embrace of this mountain village, the Rawana Falls is also ranked among the island’s widest waterfalls. Then it’s off to the little Adams Peak we go for a fresh insight into the island’s cultural history. Beloved by nature lovers and pilgrims alike, this tour stop promises picture-perfect views and a worthy hiking adventure. Once the day is done, it’s back to Ella we go to settle down foe another night on the cool hilltops.

Day 11/12/13 – Southern beaches

The eleventh day of island fun whisks away your spirit to the far-off southern beaches. Boasting uber-perfect sands and irresistible waters, Sri Lanka’s southern beaches are the reason for beach fanatics racing across the globe to reach the island. Some of the loveliest beaches to die for here include the pristine shores of Bentora and Unawatuna, the surfing party down in beautiful Arugam Bay and the beach bums’ paradise at Mirissa. Day twelve and thirteen of the tour will also be spent enjoying the best of these beaches. Feel free to explore the captivating corals, swim among the radiant fish and watch the whales and dolphins while you’re here. Surfing and jet-skiing are some other popular activities you can try out here. On the final day of the tour, we can escort you to the airport or make other arrangements depending on your preference.

Sri Lanka Places to Visit can customize the above listed tours to suit your own personal tastes, preferences and schedules. Our flawlessly planned and executed itineraries ensure you a totally blissful and hassle-free stay here in Sri Lanka